Enabling with Technology


KM Audit and/or Risk Assessment at the Business Process or Enterprise-wide Level

Identify knowledge gaps that most limit productivity; and identify, prioritize and plan for treating risks that could affect the survival and sustainability of your organization

Formulation/Execution of KM Plan

Formulate a prioritized and doable Knowledge Management strategy and action plan

Formulation/Execution of Organizational Learning Strategy

Arrive at cost-effective strategies that that will embed learning into your organization considering your unique characteristics and culture

Technology Foresight

Anticipate emerging technological opportunities and threats; and use this acquired knowledge to capture opportunities or counter threats

IT Systems Improvement

Review and identify improvements in your information technology systems; ensure the alignment of your IT systems to your KM strategy; develop a knowledge taxonomy specific to the needs of each user group, and improve productivity by using IT as an enabler of your key business processes

Developing the Intranet for KM and Organizational Learning

Transcend geographical constraints to implementing an organization-wide KM; utilize intranet technology and set up functionalities that will support and promote KM and organizational learning objectives

Supporting e-Communities

Promote virtual knowledge sharing across common practices and fields of expertise; utilize the internet as an avenue for exchanging knowledge and collaboration

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