About Us

          CCLFI is a non-profit organization that specializes in organizational learning and change, and knowledge management (KM). 

We provide courses, trainings and workshops to groups of individuals including students and KM enthusiasts, and select organizations such as government agencies, non-profit organizations, funding and development organizations that are looking for ways to generate greater value for its customers and stakeholders.

          In all its engagements, CCLFI casts its message of "conscious living". Like a stone thrown into a pond, the message creates ever-widening ripples around the center. New centers contribute to growing the message, creating more ripples that spread on and on.

          Personal and organizational learning and change, and knowledge management are professional disciplines that CCLFI continues to grow. We pioneer in the design and implementation of tools and interventions that empower individuals to create change, and that enable organizations to harness the value of its intangibles for improved organizational performance.

        CCLFI is composed of a network of individuals, experts in their own fields, who practice and advocate knowledge management. Individually and collectively, we are committed to our continuous growth and improvement; and we are dedicated to our beneficiaries' and clients' success. We are a social enterprise, but because Philippine laws do not yet recognize this corporate form, we are registered as a non-profit foundation. In the map below, check out our journey with our partners and clients in Asia and elsewhere.      

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