Our Partners

Our Partners

CCLFI believes that partnership is the way to complement each other’s strengths to be able to achieve greater goals together. The current partners of CCLFI are:



Asian Institute of Management’s TEAM Energy Center for Bridging Societal Divides

Co-production of an e-manual on Post-Project Knowledge Capture

Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industries

Assisting the Mindanao Economic Development Council in assessing its KM readiness for three KM projects

People Management Association of the Philippines

Annual offering of the Knowledge Management Course for Human Resource Executives and the online KM Practitioner Certification Course

Peace and Equity Foundation

Co-production of Knowledge for Poverty Alleviation model and joint operation of the KPA website

Catholic Relief Services

Co-production of Economic Impact of Learning

In the past, CCLFI had engaged in productive partnerships with the following organizations:

• Agwest International (Australia)
• Asian Institute of Management Policy Research Institute,
• Asian Social Institute
• Digital Solutions,
• e-People,
• League of Cities of the Philippines,
• Orient Integrated Development Consultants,
• Philippine NGO Support Program, and
• Philippine Sustainable Development Network.

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