Our Services

CCLFI is dedicated to promoting, advocating and assisting organizations, especially those in the public and development sectors, in personal, team and organizational learning and change, knowledge management, innovation and paradigm shifts in thinking, emotional skills and self-management towards work productivity and other skills in conscious living.

Knowledge Management is a powerful instrument to enhance competitiveness and create more value using the organization’s intellectual assets: its human resources, work systems/processes and working relationships.

CCLFI had partnered with the Civil Service Institute of the Philippine government, whereby CCLFI  as part of its public service  provides CSI free access to its learning resources for the benefit of training government officers and staff and capacity building of government agencies. A centerpiece of the CSI-CCLFI cooperation is the online KM Practitioner Certification Course. To keep this course always current or updated with what is going on in other sectors and to help CSI keep government services efficient and competitive in the face of the ASEAN common market starting 2015, CCLFI continues to undertake research and development (R&D).

To continue providing high-value services including R&D, CCLFI must be financially sustainable. In line with our objective of self-sustainability, we fund our operations by providing a variety of value-creating products and services to private companies and corporations, as well as development financing organizations. 

Among the services CCLFI offers are:

  • Advisory, consulting and technical assistance in all phases of knowledge management (KM):
    • Diagnostics, including information and knowledge gap analysis resulting in a baseline paper what knowledge management can do for you; human capacity building and organizational learning (OL);
    • Review of the innovation process in your organization;
    • Review communication and relationship building processes and determine new approaches to improve engagement with stakeholders and customers;
    • Teambuilding and collaboration, improved networking and collaboration with external organizations,
    • Review your intranet, external website and content management processes;
  • Knowledge-based development (KBD) and KM for poverty alleviation;
  • We conduct individual training, workshops and e-mentoring on KM/OL including an online KM Practitioner Certification Course.

The products of CCLFI assist our partner organizations to become "living, learning organizations.” Our products are designed by pioneering academic and industry experts, and enriched by lessons we learned from our practice during the past 15 years.

If you need to manage your knowledge for better value creation and organizational performance, click on a benefit that you would like to have and find out which among our products can help you.

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